Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Surprise for Clara!!!

We received this lovely email from Clara:

"I just wanted to say thank you to all the Design Team Divas for all the great posts on the blog. You're certainly putting a lot of effort into making the blog interesting and fun to read. Your work is appreciated! "Presenting" is definately a Favourite daily read for me. I love the variety of tool and product information and the gorgeous cards, layouts and albums you have shown! Great work from a great team! Thanks for all the inspiration and enabling!"

Thank you Clara!! We love it when our efforts are noticed!! As a special thank you to YOU, we have a surprise gift for you at the store!!! The next time you are in, just come to the front counter! It is waiting for you!!

Thanks again!!


  1. WOW!!! I wasn't expecting this! I just really wanted to let all of you know that your work isn't going unnoticed. Everyone at SGD puts so much effort into what they do to make it such a welcoming place to shop, browse, take a class or my favourite ``Therapy Thursday`! You are all so amazing!
    Thank you, and I`ll see you Thursday!

  2. It's so lovely to have such nice feedback Clara! I'm sure I can speak for us all....in saying that sweet messages like yours make designing and sharing even more fulfilling.

    have an amazing day,


  3. Thank you for the lovely card kit. It was such a nice surprise! I don't know if your choice was intentional, but I noticed the paper was titled "It's the Little Things". I thought that was perfectly fitting because it truly is the little things that make a difference!
    Thank you again.