Monday, January 23, 2012

A Big Big Thank You to.....

Carole Freeman!!!!!!

All of us here at Scrappin' Great Deals love getting feedback from our customers, and once in a while a comment stands out from the rest! And today, Carole Freeman sent us in the loveliest comments, thanking us for our service, products, shipping!!!! It went on and on!! We loved it!!!!

Thank you so so much!!!! We will be sending you a little extra "something" in your next shipment!! A little random act of kindness...spreading the joy!!

Have a fantastic day everyone, and make sure you all scroll down to see Sarah's fantastic card!!! I will have another little gal from Inky Impressions to show you tomorrow - (and Carole.. you might have your own little Inky gal soon! hint hint wink wink!)

1 comment:

  1. Many, Many Thanks to all of you at SGD! It's my Birthday tomorrow, so this is a nice Birthday Surprise! the way, I meant every thing I said in my email...Best Customer Service ever!