Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cats and Scrapbooking......

....................do not mix!!! I know, big surprise there!! In my house, my 2 orange tiger cats LOVE to be in the center of everything. A large group of kids would scare most cats into hiding for days. Not my two. They want to be right there, in the middle of the mayhem, watching, taking it all in. They are also scrapbooking cats. I sit down at my table and they magically appear. This wouldn't be an issue if they lied at my feet and kept my toes warm. (Note: Craft room is in the basement!) No, they want to be ON the table. They want to lie right in front of me, ON my project. They want to play with the buttons, the brads, the ribbon.....VERY hard to get crafty when I have two "craftier" felines!! Not to mention, their litter box gets to be in my craft room too. Lucky me! To top it off, not only do I have the cats, their waste, I also have my beagle whining at the baby gate that is across the entrance because he wants to be where the cats are. And that is just the animals, don't get me started on the kids and husband!!!

How can I get any scrapping done???? The answer....CROPS!! More specifically, ALL DAY CROPS!! 12 hours of uninterrupted craft time. HEAVEN!!! What could be better???!!! Thanks for asking.....the answer......

SGD is hosting an entire weekend of non stop crafting!! We have mentioned it several times on the blog, details are HERE. But did you know there is now a second option??? For those of you who can't quite make a full weekend....You can now come for the entire day on the Saturday, April 21!!! From 9am to midnight....15 Hours of non stop crafting!! All your meals, snacks, coffee and an SGD tote bag filled with goodies!! $80.00 plus HST!!! As an added bonus: We have the one and only Karan Gerber coming to play with us and do some exclusive make n takes!!

We are having the retreat at Woodeden Easter Seals Camp. It is tucked away off Glendon Road, just down the hill from the store in Komoka:

Easter Seals Camp Woodeden (opened 1946)

Overlooking the Thames River on the outskirts of London, Easter Seals Camp Woodeden is situated on 107 acres of beautifully landscaped ground that includes an accessible tree house, a collection of trees/plants from around the world, and beautiful Japanese influenced architecture.

Can you imagine how much I can do in a whole day without my entourage!! I truly hope you can all join me to find out!! Call today to register 519-473-5751! Or sign up online!!!

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