Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Thank you for your support!

We want to sincerely thank each and every one of our amazing customers!!  The support we have received for our new adventure has been phenomenal!!  It means so much to all of us!!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! 

Just a few of the many comments sent to Sheila:
Joanne, from Coquitlam, BC wrote:

“So glad to hear you "are not closing!!"  Don't know what we would all do without you Sheila!  Thanks so much !!  Joanne”

Joan, from London, wrote:

“Wow....what news......What will I do on Sundays when I so often visit the store....Big changes but that happens in life......All the best....anxious to see how everything comes about......Hugs to you and good wishes too..., Joan”

Nadia, from Saskatoon, SK, wrote:
“To Sheila and the gang,  Good luck with your new adventure. I hope you do whatever you need in order to stay in business so we continue can to enjoy your amazing dedication to your customers and your great selection of products. I always shop with you first when I need something.  Nadia ;-)  “

 Chris from London, wrote:

“I read about your changes last night and you have not let any of us down! I'm just so happy that you are staying in business and understand that you have to do what works to do that. Your store was very large so therefore very expensive, I'm sure. Not just rent but utilities and stock for such a large area. You sound like you have made plans to continue to see your customers, and that is awesome.  I'm sure all of these changes were difficult for you to make but you have to do what's right for you. We will all adjust! Don't worry about that! Xoxo”

Lynda from London, wrote:

“You lead and I will follow. Big hugs, Lynda”

Alice from London, wrote:
Wow - This must have been torture for you to do but I will follow wherever you go and love you all to bits! See you soon! Hugs!!! Alice

Lots of support on Facebook as well:
ArdythWow, that is BIG news! I remember meeting your in your basement way, way back! I'm glad you'll be continuing your online shop (and based on the information, a lot of everything else!) Looking forward to being a customer as long as you are in business!

SandySeems like I just found you so you can't shake me now. Change is hard, but sounds like everything we love will still be there. Remember folks, it's up to us to support independent businesses if we want them to succeed. Hugs.

PamI totally understand why you are closing your bricks and mortar location, as have many crafting stores across the country. I am so pleased you will be maintaining your online presence and hosting of events. Would you ever consider taking your show on the road and visiting Peterborough????

GennaI'm so sad to hear the shop is closing but I'm also sooooo grateful that you will still be around! I'm really looking forward to your new adventure and all the fun events you will be offering!
Thank you so very much!!! 

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  1. Just keep us posted when something is happening so we can continue our hobby. Thanks for telling us and you have to do what is best for you. When one door closes another can open. I will not give up this great pastime. Thanks Sheila