Monday, August 28, 2017

Some Scrapbooking Hints and a New Kit

Hello, everyone! Today, I wanted to share with you a new kit that I made for SGD and explain how I chose the papers, etc. Of course, when you are scrapbooking, it is very helpful to have a collection of papers in the same theme and colour. But that is not always possible. Here are some hints for when you are choosing your paper.

  • Theme: In some cases, you can choose your paper based on a theme: Holidays, Sports, School, etc. For this kit, I wanted to do a Beach Theme
  • Colours: To me, the beach is all about Blue (water) and Tan (sand)
  • Pattern: When choosing your papers, you want a Neutral (matting, titles, journaling); a Base (background paper (usually cardstock but could be a pattern paper); and Patterns (to create interest)
A few notes about choosing Pattern Paper:

  1. Try to mix Large and Small Scale prints. If all your papers have a large print, they will compete with each other and take away from your photos.
  2. Watch for the Density of the prints. If you look at my layout below, you will see that I use a dense pattern (Shells etc. on dark blue, Knots on dark blue) and I also used a less dense pattern (Anchors on white background)
  3. Try to only use odd numbers in your pattern papers. Here, I used seven different papers (I counted the mats as a paper)
Why this layout works:
  • I only had three papers from the Kaiser Craft collection "High Tide". "Mast" is the dark blue paper and the other side is the paper with Anchors.  "Overboard" is the dark blue paper with the Knots. The Sand coloured paper is called Sea Map. These papers work together because of theme, density and colour.
  • I used a paper from Maja Design Vintage Autumn Collection. The Blue stripe is very muted so it does not clash with any pattern and it works with the colours in the other papers.
  • I chose a Photo Play paper from the Lakeside Collection called Hidden Lakes. This plaid had green in it which did not appear in any of the other papers but I downplayed it by not using any other green in the layout.
  • Lastly, I chose white cardstock as my background (it goes with the Anchor on White paper and the Plaid paper). For the matting and title, I chose a Kraft paper to emulated the Sand Colour.
Usually,  I will only use three patterns in a layout but because I needed more papers to go with what I had in the High Tide collection. I added four more papers to keep with the odd number rule.

I hope you get some ideas for your own layouts and that you all have a great week.


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