Thursday, March 18, 2010

Phew....I am still exhausted after our amazing garage sale!!!

Wow. What an event!! Well over 200 people came through the doors & boy did they nab some outrageous deals!! We ended up opening the doors a few minutes early when we went to go take pics of the ladies in the line up and we saw their cold anxious faces waiting to get in. Who can resist those puppy dog eyes! Look at the pic below and see what I mean..Sheila's looking back at me saying 'oh..I can't do it.quit taking pictures and let them in its too cold!"...

This was our 3rd semi-annual sale and it was our biggest yet. Our top earner made almost $900!! Two ladies made over $600!! Another two earned over $450!! Another did over $350 and TONS of women earned between $100 - $200!! (I personally made just under $200 woot woot- Andrea). I know some of the ladies were like me and were anxiously planning how to spend our gift card money made from my earnings. Let me just say the new Basic Grey paper packs and embellishments barely had time to rest on the shelf before I was loading my it.

For any vendors who haven't picked up their boxes and gift cards yet feel free to head in and start shopping.

Congratulations to the sellers and the buyers who scooped up amazing deals. Thank you to every single one of you- it was a very fun and memorable day!

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  1. oh! how i wish that i could've been there, but life is what life is. perhaps in the fall! thanks for lookin' out for the ladies and lettin' them in early!