Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More ways to win your purchase from SGD!!!

More fun @ SGD's!!   Seriously, my brain just does not stop!! 

Mike & I were talking over breakfast this past Sunday (our 10 year wedding anniversary!!) and we kept reflecting upon how far we've come from our little one room basement online shop. We moved from one tiny room into 2 rooms .... then 3 rooms ... then a new basement in a bigger house .... and finally at our gorgeous store front. Owning an actual store was never in the plans for us - it was always going to be an online shop.

Something else you will all get a chuckle from is that I swore up and down that I would never sell stamps! I had no interest in this stamp thing ... and now girlfriends, I'm hooked. (**Note from Andrea- your welcome ladies- I pestered her relentlessly hee hee!**)

Our industry is amazing! With CHA coming up, even more amazing things are in store for us all!!    Without you, our online customers, our business never would have grown so that my husband could have his TV room back! Many of you have been ordering your craft supplies with us since the very beginning and we are truly thankful. So .... we have decided to change our plans once again!! Instead of once a month - it will now be once a week that a lucky shopper will win their purchase back with SGD's!! This is in addition to our 3 weekly winners for $10 coupons!    This is our way of saying thank you for sticking by us and believing in us. There have been some bumps along the way, but those bumps have made us stronger than ever.

This is how it will work:   Once a week, Scrappin' Great Deals will be giving one lucky winner their purchase back with a gift card to our store!! If you shop online, you automatically qualify to win! Winners will be announced in our newsletter & receive an email from us with details on how to redeem your winning coupon!! Winners will be selected from online orders made during the previous week.  The winner's entire purchase will be returned to them with a coupon to SGD's!! Now how cool is that!?!! This week's lucky winner, selected from orders placed last week, is ..... Norah J. of Winnipeg, Manitoba!! Your order #12506 placed January 13th for $70.37 has been selected for our Win Your Purchase Back event!!Congratulations Norah!! Tune in next week to see if you are our lucky winner!!

Now how awesome is all of that....Seriously!!! Sheila

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  1. You know how great it is to order from your store do you? You are fast and accurate with all the orders. If anything happen you are fast to find a solution for us. I really love buying from you. You are always my first online choice!