Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We just have to share this amazing email from a customer...

Dear Sheila,

I have to say when I get one of your emails I feel like I’m hearing from a friend that I’ve known for years. I feel as though I should tell you my story as your site and service is now very much a part of my daily routine. At 1030 every morning I sit down in front of the computer and start updating my wish list or shopping. However, Wednesday’s are my favourite (and the one that gets me in the most trouble) because that is when the email comes and the new specials starts! Then I take a look at the blog and well by this point the coffee is done and one of my three kids needs me. I have a 3 year old girl, 2 year old boy Casey and a 5 month oldCharlie ~ they are my inspiration to scrap). They also love SGD but in a different way than mommy.

When the doorbell rings and mommy starts dancing with the white pizza box the kids go nuts and they all know that it is candy time! Thank you for those candies my two oldest just get so excited that there is something in it for them. It gives me a moment to look through the box while they are busy with the wrappers! And well they also know that we will be doing a craft that afternoon. Now I do have to giggle because I love at the bottom of every email you state “we don’t tell husband’s”. Well I’m not so lucky, but I could not stop giggling. My husband came home with pizza from our local pizzeria and when my son saw him walk in he went nuts and started chanting “bon...bon..bon” (french for candy). My daughter looks at him and states “No Casey not bon bon, mommy is not dancing and daddy is holding the box so it is pizza”. Well the jig was up! My own kids turned me in! But I could not stop laughing!

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down to compose a thank you letter for your wonderful services and how much I love your products especially the SDG kits! I am hooked! I have been scrapping for a little over a year and a half, your store was the first true scrapbooking store I visited this past spring, and loved it. Sadly I live a little too far to attend the classes or shop in store. When I started exploring the website and saw the kits I was curious, and honestly really tired of buying the pre-made kits from the chain stores. My first one was January’s and let me tell you I learned a lot and got to try new things.

I am so excited for February’s kit (it hasn’t come yet...which I really hope Monday if not I know something’s wrong. Normally, max two days after your confirmation email I get the goods...love the fast service!)

And I love the video tutorials! Please Please Please put up more! I am fairly new and find there is so much out there that it becomes too much. And the blogs! It is such a great help and gives me great ideas! So I go with what I know and that is SGD’s!

Thank you so very much!

Warmest regards,
Some of the pages I’ve created in the last couple of weeks using products from the kit or bought from your store!

**FROM SGD- We are sending you another scrapbook kit on us to help create more beautiful layouts like these Lynn. Thanks for totally making our day with your email. Please send us pics anytime of your creations- we love to post our customer's work!**

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  1. Oh Thank you!! I did the happy dance without the box even here!