Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Product Review - MASKS!!

Masks, Masks and more MASKS!!!

So I was going over the last few layouts and projects I have done and discovered that most of them used a Mask. LOVE them!! They are so incredibly versatile that I thought I would share a few of their uses.

Scrappin' Great Deals carries several masks from both Prima and Tim Holtz. A mask is basically a stencil in reverse. Place the mask on paper, and apply your medium around it leaving what is behind the mask untouched, letting the original paper show through and it will be enhanced by the ink or mist you put around it. They are re-usable and clean up with just some damp paper towel. Masks are not even just for paper, use them on shipping tags, fabric, even flowers or other embellishments.

Tim Holtz masks such as this one:

have an adhesive backing making it very easy to use with several different mediums, such as ink or mist or even paint. Once the mask is in place, you can use distress ink with the foam applicator tool to apply the ink around the mask. You can also use spray mist or paint. Here is an example of a pairing of a Tim Holtz mask and distress inks:

Prima masks like this one:

are best used with a mist such as Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels. Simply place the mask over the paper or embellishment and spray away!! Prima masks are not adhesive, so while it is possible to use ink and a foam applicator tool, you must hold the mask in place while you are spreading the ink. It is very easy to allow the mask to slip & slide thereby potentially altering the appearance of the mask. Here is an example of a pairing of a Prima mask with glimmer mist:

and an example of a Prima mask with distress inks:

Masks are not just flourishes or flowers. They can be alphabets as well allowing you to create titles like this one:

or background text such as I did here:

Masks will add another layer to your projects, which I love. So take your layouts a step further and play with some masks! Experiment, go crazy! You won't be disappointed in the results!!


  1. I have the Tim Holtz mask and I am in love!!!!

  2. They add another layer of interest to a layout.