Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June comes in with a bang...or should we say sprain??

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Girls just wanna have fun! ..    

Hey ladies ... It's Marie here writing this morning.  For those of you that don't know me, I'm one of Sheila's sidekicks & more importantly her youngest sister.  We like to call me the not-so-little-little-sister as I tower over her (sorry, Sheila - had to get a little dig in there!!)   Sheila has had a bit of an accident .... She's OK - but she did do a number on her ankle, butt & upper thigh.   How you ask??!    Well, for two months now she's been trying to get out with her girlfriends to see a movie.  Any movie - just a movie with her best buds.   Last night was the night.   She had her popcorn & drink in hand ready to enjoy a night of laughs.   Before the movie even began, she had turned to go into her seat and as she turned to step down, her foot went off the corner of the stair - her ankle bent and down she went.   Andrea said she just dropped straight to the down.  She apparently rocked back and forth for some time - they went to get help as she couldn't get up.  They finally got her up and into her seat with ice, ready to call an ambulance.   Sheila leaned over the manager and said, "I think I just twisted it - I've been trying for 2 months to see my friends - I'm staying - I'll holler if it gets bad".    What a trooper.   The movie they saw was "Bridesmaids" - which I haven't seen, but have been told is very funny.  They got her some new popcorn and a drink - and she loved the movie.   When it came time to leave, they tried to get her out the side door, but the swelling had set in big time & she couldn't put any weight on it at all.   In comes the ambulance!   Yup, leave it to my sister to leave the theatre in true style with the sitting for the next show watching!   Andrea stayed with her the entire time, making the laughter continue I'm sure!   It's not broken, but it is a nasty sprain.  Her foot is massive .... her butt & upper thigh of the other leg are black and blue.   Oh yeah, leave it to Sheila & Andrea (and poor Kim & Ang that were with them) to put a whole new spin on the phrase, "Girl's Just Wanna Have Fun!".   Way to go sis .... get better soon!!


  1. oooohhh noooo, but at least you got to see the movie LOL, keep off you feet and get better!!

  2. Get well soon Sheila..what a trooper! LOL

  3. Feel better soon...maybe you just needed some forced time off! Relax and enjoy!

  4. Feel better Sheila!!!! I'm glad you still got to watch the movie (: