Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New items on my 'must have' list...are they on yours too?

The other day while at SGD I found something that I had never seen before and had no idea what you would use it for. Which obviously means that I become obsessed with finding out hee hee. It's the Tim Holtz Glassine Paper Pad. Thankfully Tim knows how to read my mind and has put together a picture tutorial to inspire us...and make me have to buy it tomorrow ;)

Here is the link to Tim's blog describing this fantastic product!!


Next Up is a product I have been lusting eagerly waiting to have in my hands for a long while. Helmar glue products! I have been hearing nothing but amazing things about Helmar for a year now and Sheila just got these in! I have already put aside a bottle of 450 adhesive which is from what I understand in the crafting world 'the' liquid adhesive to have. I also grabbed some of the liquid glue dots because you can make them any size or dimension you want. Crazy!!!
Click here to see the full product line up at SGD including a tape runner for $5.28 and a 2 pack of refills for $6.48!!



Last thing I would like to mention for now is that I am really getting into the whole Art Journal craze. I found some Gesso, watercolour paper I cut into book size and now the Helmar 450 adhesive. Now to start actually making the book lol. I have heard of the term smash book as well and it is a similar idea in some ways but a faster one. I watched the video above and well...I am hooked. I am a keeper of receipts, movies stubs and menus from special nights and now I have a place to put it all besides in the junk drawer (which hubby cleans when I am out and throws out my precious keepsakes thinking it's just garbage). What do you think after watching it? Would you like to see us carry product to help make a Smashbook of your own?

hijacked by Lori: YES - I definitely need everything to make my own smash book - loved it all, but when she pulled out the printed tape to attach the feather, my heart flipped. HAVE to have it all!!

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  1. I have been thinking since I saw the "Smashbook" that I could make my own, so having product to make our own would be awesome. I too save things, you so see my purse lol, and this would be a great thing to store them in lol