Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SGD's June Card Kit is ready to be rolled off the shelf!

Andrea here! I am so excited to share with you the cards you can make with this month's card kit. The kit gives you enough supplies to make 3 each of the 2 cards above. Plus you will have goodies left over. bad is it for me to admit I am so proud of this kit! Yep...this is my fave and I don't care if I have said that every month previous- this one is the top winner of all of them!!!

Just like last month we have given you two card sketches and I have made my cards based on those sketches. In the instructions I have also included any additional products I used in case you want to get the exact same inks, etc. Sheila had a great idea to have Kim P. make cards from the kit with the sketches and to also think outside of the box and see what else she could do with the kit. So yeah..she goes and upstages me ;)

Aren't those cards cute and that desktop calendar- amazing!!! Don't worry- we have already barked an order for Kim to get on making the instructions up for us so we can post them to the blog. I will update this post with them later. 

Don't forget these kits are very limited. There are only 2 or 3 left for sale already (don't worry club members- your kits are safe :). Click here to grab one now! While there feel free to check out how to be a club member to make sure you get one each month. 

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  1. very nice...i love that calendar box! the kit looks great too!