Monday, August 15, 2011

Suzanne Dean was in the HOUSE of SGD!!!

“from Debbie G. of Windsor, Ontario – she attended both classes of Suzanne’s”

"Hi Sheila!

Well let me start by saying how great yesterday was!!! I was so happy I went. The things I learned and techniques that Suzanne gave out to us was AMAZING!!! That Girl knows her business and does it well beyond anyone I have ever met. And how cute is she?! She was a crafting find that is for sure....I left there feeling like a GRADUATE!!! And to you and all the gals in the store.... Sheila you ROCK Girlfriend!!! It was so awesome of you to get all the snacks and drinks for us and the kind staff you have and help they and you provide... STANDING OVATION ... to you all. It was the best. I have to say that if you do have her again you know I will be there SISTAH,LOL. Thank you again for a truly wonderful day."

Thanks Debbie!! We can't wait to bring Suzanne back!!! It was a fabulous weekend!!


This is from Nancy G. of Strathroy, Ontario:

"Hi Sheila! Firstly... thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing the wonderful Suzanne Dean to SGD!!

My first class at your store, and first experience with copics was fabulous! :)"

Thanks Nancy!!

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  1. The girls from Burlington - Deb, Dawn, Judy & Michelle had an absolutely awesome day!! It was wonderful making a trip back to SGD and the amazing Sheila, and Suzanne was a delight for sure! I love how she won't let you 'settle' - fix it, do it right,can't isn't allowed and isn't that better?? :) And Sheila's generous 30% discount on her yummy products was just the icing on the cake. It doesn't get much better than that!