Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teenage Heartthrobs!!

Yes ladies, we all had them! Showing my age here but a poster of Shawn Cassidy might have been on my wall. Shhhhh!!

Well Sheila wanted Hunter to remember her current heartthrob, a certain werewolf, that lives in Forks, from a series of books most of us are familiar with!!

Remember you don't have to only use your photos, or purchased embellishments! Don't forget to utilize magazine pictures, articles, or other ephemera to make your layouts memorable and truly unique!!

Hunter is definitely Team Jacob!!


  1. Oh this is so cute!! What a great idea!

  2. I had Leif Garrett on my wall............(funny how my last name is Garrett now......) Woody from the Bay City Rollers AND........Rod Stewart with his Platinum Blonde Hair and Leopard Tights........those were the days!!!!!


  3. Hey Sheila do you have enough pull to get Taylor Lautner (aka Jacob) at the store!!!!!! You'd have a full house then!!!! It might be full of screaming teenagers (and a few mom's who are having high school flashbacks!) but it would be full!!!!! I was looking at some old pictures the other day and I had Donny Osmond on my wall!!!!
    Oh the memories!!!

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  5. LOL! I had Shaun Cassidy's poster right next to my bedroom lightswitch and would 'kiss him' goodnight every night!

    Oh what Tiger Beat and Teen Beat Magazine junkies, we were back then! I see someone has mentioned Leif (remember his hair!), there was Erik Estrada and Scott Baio too (blush)... Retro Bieber - LOL!

    What a fun layout!