Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Wednesday

Hi Everyone,
Have a quick project you might like. These are Christmas balls. I did them with glitter ritz

Very simple steps. You pour the Glitter It inside of the glass ball.Make sure the inside of the ball is well coated. Tip ball upside down for a minute to let any excess pour out but do not let it sit. Pour the Glitter Ritz inside of ball. You can use a funnel to help with this part. Make sure you shake the glitter around. Keep adding the glitter until all sides are well covered. I then used some bling ribbon that I had to decorate the top. I also made the little round tag using the glitter ritz. I put the 2 way tape on a piece of card stock. Put this through my big kick with Tim Holtz mini tag die cut. Pulled the top layer off, you will expose the sticky side. Pour your glitter over this, then take your finger and rub over it. This is called the Burnished Velvet technique. Add your tags with thin silver cording. Da Da, Easy. Can you imagine what you could do with all those colours that Glitter Ritz has. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for looking.

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