Saturday, October 8, 2011

SGD supports Operation Julie's Smile...

**Please note that this blog post was featured over at my blog yesterday for the OJS large blog hop. Please click here to go to my blog after reading this post if you would like to submit a comment to win one of the many prizes or to donate to this cause by clicking on the donate button in the top right corner of my blog. Thanks again to Sheila for helping out with her generous heart. Love you!**

I am so glad that you joined us on this amazing blog hop for Operation Julie’s Smile. If you came here from I {heart} paper's blog, then you are in the right spot. If not, you may want to start from the beginning at the Sweet Stamp Shop’s blog and take your time. You have ALL WEEKEND to hop with us and win prizes! If you get lost along the way or with a hop this big there are bound to be breaks in the hops so pop on back to the amazing Sweet Stamps Blog to get your bearings.
Quick share about my card today before I leave you to read how this amazing hop came together. My card is one of the cards you can make with the Oct SGD card kit featuring La Blanche stamps. I will be sharing the second card tomorrow on my blog and the store's blog on Saturday. I called Sheila to tell her about this amazing hop to help a fellow crafter I had come to know online and she instantly wanted to help as well. Sheila generously donated two $50 gift cards to her store to help raise funds. How sweet is she! She doesn't even know Julie but immediately felt for her situation and wanted to help out in any way she could. I am so proud to represent SGD and Sheila's non stop kindness for her fellow man on this hop. I apologize now for the wonky text settings, I can't figure out how to fix it lol!!! Of course for those of you who know me something wonky is part of my regular day hee hee.
“The creative blogging community is coming together this weekend to help one of our friends, Julie Ranae. You may know her as the Design Team Coordinator for many wonderful companies from bakers twine, die cuts, rubber stamps and more. What many people don’t know about Julie Ranae is that she has had some pretty major dental surgeries in her lifetime due to medication she had to take as a child. It was in her plans to think about having all of her teeth replaced at some point in the next 5 years, a decision that was pretty easy to plan out. But then it happened…she chipped her front teeth on a weekend a month ago. The dentist told her there was no way to save them & that it was his recommendation that she give in and have them all her teeth removed soon, but for that day, they needed to get her front teeth done so her gums could begin to heal. He said he would 'work out payments with her to have ALL this work done...but when she called to make her appt for the first step of impressions, they told her the amount of money that was needed and that the 'payments' applied only to the two teeth that were extracted that day. Her husband Paul was with her & that too, was his understanding as well. So this is how she has found herself in this situation…Needing at least $4000 to get started and another $3000 to finish the process…a total of $7000.
Nicole Rixon, owner of Sweet Stamp Shop put together this benefit after finding out about this situation and before Julie Ranae knew it, it took flight!
Because she is an event organizer by trade, she has taken on the job of organizing all of the blogs in this hop as her way of ‘working overtime’ for what she needs, the same as if she were able to work overtime at an outside job to pay for the work to be done.
It is the goal of all of these generous friends & sponsors to help make this situation more do-able for our friend so that she can share a brand new smile with all of us soon.
If there is anything you can do to help with a financial donation, there is a donation button ready for you to click. Any amount is appreciated and ALL DONATIONS will be eligible for prizes from our sponsor pool of over $2500.
I hope you enjoyed your stop here on the hop! The next stop is Allison’s blog. Make sure you leave a comment here before you go so that you can have a chance at the amazing prizes up for grabs and if you can, please make a donation so we can help bring back a new smile for our friend

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