Saturday, December 3, 2011

Are you crafting along with Lord Tim of Holtz's 12 tags of Christmas yet?

**Please note that this pictures are all courtesy of Lord Tim of Holtz's blog and I encourage you to pop over there and see it now!...well after you read all my blah blah blah of course!**

Not only is today the 3rd anniversary of SGD with fun activities till 2pm and prizes galore (of course you probably already know that as you are in the store shopping and reading this post from your phone :) but it is also day 3 of Lord Tim of Holtz's 12 tags of Christmas. Click on his name to be taken to all of SGD's Lord Tim of Holtz products. 

Seriously- how does this man do it!!!

I have to thank Lord Tim for making me lust after a pine cone die that I didn't even know I was lacking until I saw his tag and the video that goes with it. 

Need I say more? Of course not. You need it too know right?
Actually I probably won't be able to sleep tonight until I possess it. Thank goodness Sheila is open till 5pm today!

Tim has a new tag for the next 12 days and not only does he helpfully enable you by showing you videos on how to use the products to create like him but he also helpfully has pictures of the products below his posts so you know all that you need to have. 

Did you know that you NEED to have a basquillion colours of distress stickles? Sadly neither did I till now...
So glad we could learn this together hee hee!

Happy Shopping! 

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  1. I love doing his tags, and learning all there is to know about his products. I have made the first three and plan to finish them all.