Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another Random Act of Kindness!!!

Well, it is that time again!!! The time to say thank you for your kind words!!! This particular email stood out to Sheila and she would like to respond with a little bundle of goodies for....


Here is what Myrna had to say:

Sheila: I just received my first order from your company. I just HAD to write to tell you how impressed I was. The Werthers was a nice touch and my favorite. I have since placed another order for the new spellbinders products at 25% off. Upon looking at your website I must say that your upcoming yardsale for customers is brilliant idea! I just wish I lived closer to your area because your business sounds like not only do you have great business sense, but great products, classes and know what your customers are looking for--and you have fun doing it. I will certainly make it a priority to come out to see the store and perhaps take a class the next time I am visiting my friends in London.

yours truly,

Myrna Sweet

Thank you very much Myrna!!! You made Sheila's day!! We hope you enjoy your goodies!!!

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