Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tim Holtz demo from Summer CHA- let's talk inks baby

Tim Holtz talks to us...yes Sheila, Kim and I..about his inks. Oh and some other ladies were there but it was pretty much just between us four obviously hee hee. I did have to shorten the video a wee bit to get it to upload. What I cut was the question:

Can you make your own distress stains by taking some re-inker and adding water?

Tim says NO. The reason being is that once you add the water to the re-inker you have used up it's 'distress ability'. The water activates the ink and before you have even used it you can manipulate it no further. 

Good to know!

This video is long so you may want to grab a cuppa before starting it hee hee. Kim P and Lori- this is for you baby!

Oh- and our garage sale this weekend looks to be shaping up to be our busiest evah! Don't forget that you can still look through the boxes tomorrow and many will have been reduced in price!

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  1. oH what fun to watch, and exciting for you ladies!