Friday, August 24, 2012



The lovely comments about our store, staff and service really warm our hearts!  Thanks for all the suggestions too! As of today we have 114 LIKES on our facebook page!  WaaHoo!!!

I know you this is what you all want to see, here are our 10 winners of the BLOG CANDY!!


Congrats on your first 100 likes! I would have liked you 100 times myself if I could have - you are just that awesome!! I like to see the upcoming projects for Toonie Tuesday or Wonderful Wednesday. I have yet to scrape together the time to make it out to one (although, I'm always borrowing your ideas and making them at home!), but to see the project ahead of time might just get me out there! Maybe also hints about upcoming sales or in-store specials. Many a time I'll venture out to the store on the weekend to find out there's another fabulous in store sale going on that I didn't know about! I just like seeing SGD in my news feed! It makes me happy!! :)
I don't know why it posted annoymous, I don't really know how to select a profile, lol...last comment is from Jessica Fediw (that's me, lol)

I am sure you will be at 1,000 likes soon. You guys are awsome

100 likes is just the beginning baby!!! Soon to be a million!!! YOU are infectious!!
Miss you much
It is for things like this that I wish I was still on Facebook! I would like you on there if I could, for now I will just have to like you here!
Great blog!

Time to celebrate!!!!! Keep up the Good Work!!!!!

Shut the front door! 100 - that is totally awesome ladies! Love,Love! Love coming out on therapy Thursdays, and seeing what fabulous things are to be made, the laughter, and wonderful social time with everyone.
contracts on your 100 Facebook likes!
See you soon!
Barb (egg lady)
Therapy Thursday's are like "going home" for a visit. We catch up on the latest news ie. the travel stories, the cute grandchildren stories, the show and tell of our latest creations and of course some retail therapy. The atmosphere is light and often lively. The staff are like family! What more could one ask for. This is the best Scrapbooking store!!!

congratulations on 100 likes - I am sure many more to come
love seeing you on facebook reminds me to come to the blog
you could post the result of the Toonie Tuesday would love to see the finished projects makes me wish I lived closer to the physical store but loved the tease. But when a package comes there is always a "sweet" surprise with it and so quick to arrive
Congratulations on 100 likes! I just LIKED, sorry it took me so long, not sure what I was doing! Love your creativity and store!

Thank you again ladies!!  If you could please send Scrappin' Sheila an email with your mailing information or if you can pick up your prize. 



  1. Congratulations to all the winners!!!

  2. Thanks I won and didn't see this post The kit looks lovely I will have to have a better look now I know it is MINE :D