Saturday, August 25, 2012

Last Week's Toonie Tuesday with AI stamps

This girls cracks me up!! I can't figure out if she is saying 'Here is $20 my love. Go buy yourself something nice' or 'Take this flippin' money before I change my mind you young punk!' I think the latter hee hee!

This is a card we made last Toonie Tuesday at SGD. The stamp is simply called 'Cash Keeper' by AI stamps. Let's face it. We all give money fairly often now as a gift and I love to find amusing ways to give the gift of cash. This lady is awesome for doing just that! Mind you nothing can beat the time I palmed a 9 year old a $20 at his First Communion eh Sarah Kipling? hee hee. I literally palmed it to him. This card makes it a bit more classy. Ha ha!

Inside the package for this stamp there are simple instructions on how to make this card so that she will hold the money for you. On Tues we paper pieced her robe and pj's to add a bit of fun to her outfit. Love how paper piecing combined with colouring can really jazz up an image!

How would you use her on a card? We still have some of these stamps left after Tuesday so come on in and grab one and help 'dress up' your cash cards!

Cheers, Andrea


  1. This is an awesome card - wish I could have made it! see you next week.

  2. this card is too awesome for words and the sentiment is soooo fantastic!!