Friday, September 7, 2012

More pictures of Sheila's home and donation update...

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Here are some pictures Mike and Sheila sent me of their living room and kitchen. I wanted to share them with you as I have had many of you ask me for updates. These pictures make me once again very emotional and grateful that Sheila got out okay and that no one was hurt. Sheila means so much to me- a big sister- and to many of you as well. To see the dining room table and chairs where our families spent a lot of time together building memories really hits home the value of telling those you care about what they mean to you. 

The outpouring of kindness and support is incredible and it really makes you have faith in the goodness of people out there. I know that we are bombarded with sad news all the time on our tv's, newspapers and the internet and we are left wondering sometimes what our world is coming to. me it's Love. 

What those programs rarely do is highlight what happens after these devastating tragedies occur. And the LOVE and SUPPORT that Mike, Sheila, Hunter and Hannah are surrounded with is immense. It is that love and support that has really helped them  right now while they are on a very emotional roller coaster. Sheila summed it up in a text to me late last night- 

"We keep telling ourselves that 99% of what we lost is just stuff. Stuff that can be replaced. But its the 1% that's left that can sneak up on you at times and devastate you knowing it is gone forever. All you can do is pick yourself back up and start to slowly work towards making a dent in that 99% to build our lives again".

Many of you have asked how to provide some financial support to help them rebuild from ground up. A trust account has been set up at the Bank of Montreal. 
The Transit # is 2977 Account # 8996-741

Everything helps right now in whatever form of support they receive and they are so grateful for all of it. 

We are there for you....


  1. wow...thank goodness they were all okay!!! That looks like a terrible mess, and I hope they can get back on their feet very quickly without too much heartache...our thoughts are with you Sheila, Mike and your girls!!!

  2. wow what a tragedy ,thankfully all the family is ok,hopefully everything will get back on track soon...I feel for you guys