Tuesday, December 4, 2012



We celebrated our 4th Anniversary on Saturday and we think it was the best event yet!!  Have a look at the line up we had on Saturday morning; the ladies started lining up well before 9am, more than an hour before we opened our doors!  

We were truly overwhelmed by the response, the enthusiasm, and the support you have all given us not just this past weekend, but over the years.  
WOW do we LOVE this craft, and it is our customers that keep us going!!  


Amazingly, we ran out of our supplies for our Mini-Album shortly before 10:30am!!  Our sincere apologies to those who came out to our event and were unable to do the make n take. We prepped for 60 people thinking that was more than enough but unfortunately we disappointed at least 30 more people.  We do thank you for making the trip, staying for the door prizes, the 20% off all regular priced items, and of course, for the goody table! Did I mention there was CAKE?!?

Here is our lovely Scrappin' Sheila cutting the cake: 

And of course, lets share the entire album, the cover by JUDY:




and KIM's:

The DIVAS did an amazing job don't you think?!  The hours of prep time getting everything designed and cut out so things could go as smoothly as possible!  Everyone was so patient waiting for their turns at the tables, such a fun atmosphere!!!  Truly inspirational!!  

You know that Scrappin' Great Deals hosts many free make n takes, smaller ones every week and large events such as our Anniversary.  We always request that attendees bring donations for the London Food Bank.  Sheila has never hid the fact that this is a charity near and dear to her heart.  Growing up, her family was one in need and depended on the kindness of strangers.  The Christmas season is often a hard time for families and SGD's set a goal to hopefully reach 1000lbs of food donated before Christmas.  We think we did it in ONE DAY!!!   
Thank you so much for your generosity!!!  

Here are the BOXES and BOXES of food that was donated!!  A simply fantastic young man, Quinn, volunteered his time while his Grandma was participating in the make n take, to pack up all the donated items.  A HUGE thank you to Quinn!!  

 So that is about it, we are off to plan the next event! (We'll be prepping for at least 150 people this time!!) One last HUGE: 



  1. AWESOME!!! Wish I could have been there! Maybe I'll make the trek over there one day!

  2. Wow! That's a lot of food! Wish I could have come! One day for sure! Got some great news as well! I was one of the 10 lucky weekly winners. Thank you so much! BTW Sheila, the die I ordered which was on back order arrived yesterday. Can't wait to use it!

  3. Morning Ladies, Last Saturday was AMAZING! I am going to assemble the front cover kit from Judy as I was not able to stay for that station and have a couple of questions. The beautiful cover she provided is a bit bigger that the book itself. I assume we are to glue it on the front of the book aligning the LHS edges where the circles are for hole punching, so the RHS sticks out a bit further!? Also, there is a small piece of cardstock with a leaf & holly berries stamped in green ink on it & a small tag with the end punched - what are these for?? Everything else seems very straight forward. Thx a ton. Deb