Monday, December 10, 2012

Cool Tools - cordless glue gun

Hello Stampers!

If you've ever taken a class with me - you will know this tool!  I LOVE my cordless glue gun and bring it to every class.

I'm sure you've had a glue gun at some point in time - and maybe it's like my old one now - in your garage or basement collecting dust?  They were awkward, the cord knocked things off your desk, they got too hot, burned your fingers.  YUCK.

This is the cadillac of glue guns!  It takes 4 'AA' batteries and has a little light that shines on your work.  When the light dims, change the batteries.  Best of all - NO CORD!  It doesn't get too hot, doesn't burn my fingers, and doesn't drip.  Genius!

Here's a great little video showing you the wonders of the I-Bond!

Happy Stamping!


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