Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Countdown to Christmas - 7 Days to Go!!!

Welcome to our Countdown to Christmas Blog Candy Give-Away!!

We are so excited about the Christmas Season and we want you to share in our excitement!!

Each and every day until December the 23rd, we will be giving away one of our amazing stamps to TWO lucky winners!!  Then on December 24th, we will give ONE lucky winner a $30.00 Gift Card to the best store ever - SCRAPPIN' GREAT DEALS!!
How amazing is that?!  All YOU need to do is leave us a comment!  Leave us a comment every single day!!  We will pick two winners every day!! EVERY DAY!!!  

To qualify for the GRAND PRIZE GIFT CERTIFICATE - you must have commented EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  We want to hear about your Christmas plans, your traditions, your family, your kids - We love stories!!!  What is special in your life right now, what are you thankful for, how are you blessed??

The winners of yesterdays stamps are:

Laura Turcotte  December 17, 2012 11:24 AM
What awesome stamps!!
I'm starting on my holiday baking today---with DD's help...:Z lol
8 days---wow!
Beatrice Lawson  December 17, 2012 5:17 PM
I have done some of my baking but still have to make the shortbread. Tomorrow is my cooking and wrapping day... plus I have to make devilled eggs for my DS's school potluck lunch. I am aiming to finish the last cards tonight - it's easy when they only have to cross the street:-)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Please contact us at scrappinsheila@rogers.com with your address and we will get your stamp out to you!!  Just put BLOG CANDY WINNER in the subject line!!  Thanks so much!!

Today we have these two fabulous stamps to give away: 



  1. WOW!!! I WON!!!!!WWWOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!! {Doing a happy dance!!!} Thanks SGD!!!

  2. Doesn't it feel nice to get an awesome prize before Christmas!!! Thanks SGD

  3. OOpps...forgot to comment!

    We're continuing our holiday baking...cookies today. I just hope they last until Christmas---kind of hard with teenagers in the house!

  4. Cards are done! Parties all done, baking -done! Shopping-done! Now to spend some nice holiday time listening to Christmas music and scrapping my face off!
    thanks SGD for this awesome chance to win!

  5. I feel like a winner every time I walk the the doors of Scrapping Great Deals and spend time with my friends (staff and fellow scrappers). My baking is done and I hope to finish my shopping today then back to scrapping my little star:my grandson.

  6. I wish I lived to closer to be able to come and visit SGD!
    Today is wrapping day....wish me luck!

  7. Well today I am working until 8 but I hope to do a bit of my Christmas shopping on my break. Thanks again for such great prizes!!

  8. Congrats to today's winners! It is so fun to win!! Fun to play also, and hear everyone else's Christmas plans! Today I am baking meringue wreaths - so easy and so delicious! I just love meringue! I can't eat wheat, so I am always on a quest each year for new festive and delicious Christmas treats that don't involve wheat that everyone will enjoy! I must also venture over to SGD to pick up my prize from day 9, and deliver a food bank donation too!

  9. Congratulations to all the winners so far! Thank you to SGD for their generosity. Today I will be putting together some craft packages for my nieces. They love to come over and play in my craft room, so for the past few years I have been giving them some of my scrap papers, left over embellishments, and other supplies so they can craft at home too. They are the next generation of SGD shoppers!

  10. Heading out to do some more shopping today. (who doesn't like an excuse to shop!) Then I'll be coming home to do some wrapping with a nice, hot blueberry tea. I'll have the Christmas carols playing (I just love Christmas carols) and the house will be filled with that warm Christmas spirit. Sending out warm Christmas wishes to everyone, have a wonderful day!

    P.S. Clara, that's a great idea. My friends daughter enjoys anything artistic and she would love it if I put together a kit for her!

  11. I just have to say that I have a daughter with exactly that kind of hair as in the first stamp! LOL!
    Making Poppy seed bread today - a Christmas tradition for both my husband and myself. Too bad my Grandma is not alive to make it for me, but I am glad I inherited her grinder so that I can do it for my mom.
    Then I need to wrap, and wrap, and wrap! LOL!
    Made nice ornaments with my crafting group last night - so fun!
    Have a great day everyone - a week away! Yay!

  12. What a great way to celebrate the holidays. Great stamps

  13. I find that stamp with the bunny slippers adorable, brings back memories of Christmas - we always got a pair of knitted slippers made by my grandma, with $ tucked inside. Then we really looked forward to the $, today I look back and really cherish the time she took making them for us individually in colours to match our personalities - great memories!

  14. How awesome is this?!! Thank you for the great giveaways. Now I am off to do some more baking...gluten free at that! :o)

  15. I still have some Christmas cards and tags to make, so I will be very busy the next two days. :)
    Thanks for the chance to win some awesome prizes!!

  16. Oooohh!! I've had my eye on that little cutie!! If I don't win her I'm just going to have to buy her (: I finished putting the chocolate layer on my nanaimo bars yesterday!! Just a couple of more things to make.

  17. Thank you!!! I look forward to playing with my prize!!
    By the way, the devilled eggs came out great, we got our tree and picked up the lamb roast too... it's all coming together but I am googly eyed! Heading to my craft table to catch my breath. I also realized that I have yet to make the Santa Sack... and today we barely avoided a crying fit when I put together the letter from my son's elf!! (I thought he was old enough to not care but he wrote a long personal note to Santa. He was worried sick that no elf letter = no presents and how come??) So our elf is back... apparently he was delayed by elf flu. My son loved it!

  18. Oh... In case Laura does not have the ornament stamp... is it OK to ask that I get the other one?? I so loved the gorgeous ornament stamp I bought it this fall. Thank you SGD!

  19. Beautiful card for tomorrow afternoon! Looking forward to making it. Thanks Sheila for having the Wednesday event each week. I really enjoy getting together with the other ladies.

  20. VERY cute stamps....would be so great to win!!!

  21. Lovely stamps! Are you done your Christmas baking? I thought I was but then I was asked to join an exchange for this Saturday - what do I bake???