Thursday, December 20, 2012


Welcome to our Countdown to Christmas Blog Candy Give-Away!!

We are so excited about the Christmas Season and we want you to share in our excitement!!

Each and every day until December the 23rd, we will be giving away one of our amazing stamps to TWO lucky winners!!  Then on December 24th, we will give ONE lucky winner a $30.00 Gift Card to the best store ever - SCRAPPIN' GREAT DEALS!!
How amazing is that?!  All YOU need to do is leave us a comment!  Leave us a comment every single day!!  We will pick two winners every day!! EVERY DAY!!!  

To qualify for the GRAND PRIZE GIFT CERTIFICATE - you must have commented EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  We want to hear about your Christmas plans, your traditions, your family, your kids - We love stories!!!  What is special in your life right now, what are you thankful for, how are you blessed??

The winners of yesterdays stamps are:
Mama Milly  December 20, 2012 1:34 AM
Those are great stamps in the giveaway today! I am a sucker for sentiments!
I am up late to work on a some cards for my mil. I give her a stack of all occasion cards for her birthday each year, which is on Dec 27 and I also make a Christmas card and Birthday card for my father in law to give her each year. So I want to get those done tonight...I hope it still counts as Wednesday for my comment even though it is technically Thursday - oh cool it is actually 12:34 right now.

Jen  December 19, 2012 10:11 AM
I love the stamps today! Tonight I will be working on a few Christmas cards .
 CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Please contact us at with your address and we will get your stamp out to you!!  Just put BLOG CANDY WINNER in the subject line!!  Thanks so much!!

Today we have these two fabulous stamps to give away:  



  1. Another two beautiful stamps! This is a great give-away, SGD! Today I am getting together with a fun group of wonderful ladies from our art club for brunch. They will all be getting a handmade Christmas card, of coarse! looking forward to a good time. Hope everyone has a great day, too. Good luck to all!

  2. Con congrats ladies! I have to say I just love reading about what everyone else is up to these last few days before Christmas! I'm a busy little baker preparing final additions to some gift baskets. And we'll take time out of our day to go and deliver some Christmas goodies to some friends today.
    I just LOVE that postcard stamp. I have a scrapbook of postcards from all around the world that I've collected prince I was a kid. So I have a bit of a soft spot for postcards!

    1. *since.... Not prince!

  3. Great stamps today! Love them! Today, I'm babysitting the grandkids.

  4. Love the card that we did yesterday at Wonderful Wednesdays! Hubbie gets home today from a quick trip to NB to visit his family. Yay! Off to do more Christmas prep. Have a great day!

  5. Very nice looking stamps. I don't live close enough to visit your store but have ordered online. I make cards when I have space, let nephew move in so we are a little crowded. I take care of my 91 yr old mother so cards and computer are my entertainment. Love your site. Keep up the good service and to all a Merry Christmas

  6. Still working on cards and wrapping...And only 5 days left -yikes!!! Time flies. To my fellow cardmakers and scrapbookers, enjoy all of these special moments the holidays bring, they create so many wonderful memories to reflect on in the coming years! Love all of the stamps that have been given away to date...congrats to all the lucky winners! SGD is the best!

  7. YAY!! I won! Congrats to all of the ladies who have won so far and crossing my fingers more of you wonderful ladies get a chance to win from SGD. Today I finished up my Christmas shopping with the kids. We just finished baking cookies for the classes tomorrow and then tonight I am off to have our Brownie Christmas party.

  8. Yesterday I was able to get to SGD and make Kim's beautiful card and also pick up the Saturated Canary stamp I won earlier in this contest.
    I Love the stamp, and SGD has lots more new stamps in so I know this won't be my only Saturated Canary stamp! I also picked up a few dies I had to have! My mission today is to get everything I should do done so I can go ink up my new stamp! Thanks SGD!

  9. Merry Christmas to my wonderful friends at SGD!

  10. Fabulous bg stamps!!! If you are getting the weather we are here, drive safe!!!

  11. Lovely stamps!!!

    Just finished our Xmas shopping----phew!!!! exhausted, but happy. Probably won't be when I receive my credit card bill...eek! lol Will probably wrap them tonight or tomorrow. Preparing for tomorrow ...a blizzard is expected to hit us...:Z

    Congrats to today's winners!!!

  12. Today I baked my Molasses cookies. It smells so yummy in here!

  13. Yay! I won!
    Thank you!
    This is so exciting!
    Today was a present wrapping day, and then I get to go to the Nutcracker with 4 of my 5 daughters this evening. I did finish one card last night and sometime tonight or tomorrow I have to make the Christmas card. I am making the one GinaK is showcasing on her segment today!
    Thanks again!

  14. I can't believe I missed a day!! It was so busy yesterday in the kindergarten class - the school had their Christmas assembly in the afternoon and they did such a good job with singing their songs in front of the whole school and all the parents. :) By the time I got home, my shipment from SGD's had arrived (super fast service!!)and I went right to making more Christmas cards. The day was over before I knew it. I have a couple more to make today.
    Congrats to the winners!

  15. Today is about baking and wrapping, I think. Lovely stamps! You are so generous!

  16. Got some shopping done today but still more to do.

  17. These Just-Rite stamps are so beautiful!!!