Saturday, March 22, 2014

Garage Sale Day is here!!!!

(These pictures are from today- look at those awesome ladies braving the weather to line up before we had opened- hope they got some amazing finds!)

SGD's Customer Garage Sale!!
Mark your calendars & plan to join us for one of the best garage sales ever!!
And 15%off Store-Wide!
Saturday, March 22: 9am – 5pm  &  Sunday, March 23: 10am – 4pm
We ask that if you can bring an item to donate to the London Food Bank that would be appreciated. 
SHOPPERS attending our Garage Sale .... All garage sale items are TAX-FREE.  You are welcome to shop using cash, Visa, Mastercard or Debit.   All items purchased from the garage sale are final sale.  Payment for garage sale items cannot be made using a SGDs gift card.  And remember, on Sunday several Vendors will have marked down what is remaining in their boxes by 25% or 50% ... !!!    This is a win-win for everyone!!! 

So grab your coat and shoes and come grab some of the amazing deals!

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