Saturday, May 31, 2014

Andrea's Project Life- the beginning

I've started
already addicted

just slide them in the pockets

add your Project Life or similar product's cards

add your trip mementos
I used my Tim Holtz stapler
so easy


It's not fancy
I haven't added a million of the amazing embellishments that you can
I've kept it simple
as I am about a basquillion pictures behind in scrapbooking

Pocket Scrapbooking
I love you

You don't have to do it for each day
each week 
or even each month
(though I admire people who do)
you can just use it to catch up on your photos
and create scrapbooks for your family to enjoy
(and you'll enjoy it too :)

So this is me just starting out
Starting with our family trip to Ireland
I hope you don't mind but I am going to share the progress along the way!
Feel free to join me along the way with your own pocket scrapbooking!

Cheers, Andrea

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