Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hero Arts Color Layering Christmas Tree

Andrea here with today's post!
I am highlighting a new stamp in stock at SGD that I cannot wait to get my hands on!

Hero Arts - Color Layering Christmas Tree

This is a 'multi-step' stamp set meaning you layer the images on top of each other
I have included information directly from the Hero Arts website on how to use their product
Please note while the video doesn't show this stamp set it does show exactly how you use the stamp
Thank you to Hero Arts for the information and video!

Color Layering™ mixes coordinated stamp designs with a selection of complementary inks to create beautiful stamped “layers” for your projects. Simply select the colors of ink you’d like to use and stamp away! Each Color Layering™ stamp set from Hero Arts provides you with an easy to understandstamping guide. Follow the guide precisely, or play around and create your own multi-layered images!
For example, if using a three-step image: Begin with the base layer and stamp it with the lightest color of ink. Add a medium layer using a slightly darker color. And finally, stamp the last image using the darkest hue.
Ink Key by Yana Smakula
You can also mix and match colors from different color families for fun and unexpected results. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with our Color Layering™ stamps!
Watch the video below with tips and tricks for using Hero Arts Color Layering™ stamps.

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