Monday, September 12, 2016

"Back to School" Kit

Last week, I showed you all of the kits that we have in stock at SGD. Today, I wanted to focus on the "Back to School" Kit. Often, customers will ask us how to pick out papers to go with a certain group of photos. Most of the time if you stick with a certain line of paper, you will find corresponding prints, stripes, dots, etc. and it makes it easier to pick out two or three papers to go with your photos.

However, sometimes you may have to go to papers from two or three designers or collections (which is something that I love to do) and it becomes more difficult to put them all together. In the photo of the Back to School Kit, you will notice that I have used three different prints. In scrapbook design, it is always best to work in odd numbers: 3, 5, etc. Although I chose these three papers from the same collection Photo Play's "Mad 4 Plaid", some might ask how I ever put these three papers together.

First, I selected the Navy Plaid ( as I have mentioned before, I have a thing about using navy in anything related to Back to School themes). This is my dominant paper. It is also a large scale print with high contrast. So the next paper that I needed was something less dominant with a smaller scale and I also wanted to introduce some more colour. I chose the multi-coloured plaid because of the number of colours that I could draw from but also because it had less-defined lines which helped to mute the pattern and prevent it from fighting with the dominant paper. Lastly, I chose the green paper to act as a neutral. The lines are hardly defined so it blends in with the other papers but still adds some more colour.

So that is how I go about selecting papers for my layouts. I think of Scale, Contrast, Pattern, Colour, etc. I hope that helps when you are looking for papers for your layouts.


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