Tuesday, July 11, 2017

SGD Customer Garage Sale!!

Mark your calendars & plan to join us for one of the best garage sales ever!! 
Saturday, August 19: 9:30am – 2pm. 
Location: Komoka Community Centre, 133 Queen St., Komoka.

Who is this garage sale geared towards ... those looking to sell (Vendor) gently used/unwanted scrapbooking, card-making, crafting supplies, and, those looking to purchase (Shopper) fabulous deals on crafting supplies; tax-free!!

Vendors: If you are looking to sell unwanted crafting supplies, to a large group of crafty-ladies, for cash in your pocket, then this garage sale is for you!!

Shoppers: If you are looking to pick up amazing deals on gently used and/or unwanted crafting supplies from hundreds of boxes of products, including stamps, dies, Copic Markers, paper, machines, embossing folders, cardstock, ribbon, embellishments ..... and so much more; then this garage sale is for you!! Entrance is FREE & garage sale items are TAX-FREE!

This garage sale is one where Vendors will be selling their own items directly to shoppers, FOR CASH!! And who doesn't love cash?!!

Vendor registration, which includes table rental, will be done through us, Scrappin' Great Deals (SGD). Call us at 519-473-5751, or, register on-line by clicking here! Tables are 8' long and you are allowed to rent as many tables as you'd like. Each table will come with 2 chairs. You are allowed to display the products you are selling, however you like, as long as the items being sold fit on top of (or under) your table. Vendors will not be allowed to put items in isle, as our shoppers will need this space to move around; so be sure your items will fit on (or under) your 8' table. If you have a tall item, you can place it directly beside your table; however, there will not be a lot of space in between tables, so please be mindful of this when planning. Tip for successful sales: Do not overload your boxes/table(s) ... spread your items out so shoppers can easily see what you have.

A maximum of 2 Vendors will be allowed per table. For example, if you and a friend would like to split on a table, you are welcome to do this and share the fees. Vendor tables will be sold on a first come basis. For example: the first person to call & register, will receive the very first table(s) set up in the gym (shoppers would walk past your table first to walk into the gym). If the first person calling to register wants 3 tables, they will receive 3 tables grouped together, set up in the first position. We will not reserve spots in the gym. This is 100% on a first come basis, until we are sold out. Vendors are only allowed to sell craft-related products! This is not a "craft show"; it is a garage sale where crafters are selling their unwanted tools, papers, stamps, etc. for scrapbooking, card-making, etc.

Cost/table: Each 8' table is $35 + HST. Each 8' table will include 2 chairs. Payment is required at time of registration (no exceptions). SGD gift cards are not permitted to be used as payment for your table(s). SGD will be setting up the gym the evening before, based on registration numbers, so be sure to reverse enough tables for your items. Vendors will not be allowed to arrive on Saturday morning and request another table, as this would conflict with our set-up. Your total number of tables needed, must be determined by you, and, confirmed by us, by August 17th. You are welcome to add to your number of tables, provided there are still tables that have not been sold yet, AND, it is done by August 17th.

Why would you want to be a Vendor at this new style of garage sale? This new style is ideal for those of you that are looking to sell scrapbooking and crafting products for cash. Maybe you are downsizing and you do not want to have to use in a "giftcard", as we have issued in the past. Another huge benefit, is that the shoppers coming to this event are 100% crafters! You will be selling to a direct target-base of customers! SGD will heavily advertise this event throughout all of our social media feeds and our local community groups. At previous garage sales, we have had over 500 shoppers during a weekend! We have had Vendors earn (through way of a giftcard) over $2000 (several times!!) Many Vendors have earned between $300 - $1000 in giftcards at our past garage sales. Vendors will now receive CASH in your pocket to spend on new crafting supplies, or, however you like. In prior garage sales, every Vendor spot has always sold out!! This is a fabulous opportunity to sell what you no longer need/want.

Why be a Shopper at this event? If you have ever been to one of our garage sales, you already know the answer!! Deal after deal after deal!!! Find amazing crafting products including: stamps, punches, dies, inks, markers, storage solutions, paper trays, machines (YES, MACHINES), papers, embellishments .... and so much more!! Garage sale items are tax free & entrance is FREE!! Our location is fabulous! Lots of room, no stairs, large parking lot, easy to find! Trust us, the gems you can find at our garage sales are AMAZING!!!

How it works .... As a registered Vendor, you are responsible for pricing each of your items. Remember, a lot of people may handle your items, so make sure your pricing stickers are secure. As a general rule, items are priced 25% - 75% off the original pricing (depending on the product and the condition of the product). Vendors are responsible for having their own cash box and change. Remember, shoppers will be paying you directly, with CASH. Vendors are also responsible for having their own bags to give to shoppers to put their purchased items in.

What can you sell? You may sell paper crafting supplies that are related to scrapbooking, card-making, mixed-media art, and, stamping. Examples are cutting tools, working punches, stamps, cardstock, patterned papers, paper packs, embellishments, ribbons, scrapbooking idea books, flowers, storage, Copic markers, etc. For paper, we suggest grouping in packages of minimum 10 sheets, but again, this is up to you. Extra large clear bags can be purchased at the Dollar Store. You are allowed as many large items as you'd like, provided they fit on (or under) your 8' table(s); or closely beside your table(s).

SGD is not liable or responsible for any lost or stolen items. Each Vendor is responsible for manning their Vendor tables. If you are unable to man your table(s), consider having a friend or teenager do it for you! Vendors can set up between 8:00 & 9:30am. Shoppers can shop from 9:30am - 2pm. Event ends at 2pm. Vendors are to be cleared out by 3pm at the latest. There will be no refunds on cost of Vendor tables.

Whether you are looking to sell some of your unwanted craft supplies or take advantage of some ridiculous deals on fabulous products .... or both!!! ..... SGD's Customer Garage Sale is one garage sale worth checking out!! SERIOUSLY!! See you there!!

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